Educational Programming in Santa Barbara

Transport back to the year 1842 in CCOA’s Trading in California living history program!

In Trading in California, students will be taken back to a point in time in California when all commerce and contact with the outside world arrived by ship. Signing on as greenhands, or inexperienced crew, their voyage will mimic elements of the famous voyage of Richard Henry Dana Jr. Using skills such as math, science, and technology as well as teamwork, determination, and problem-solving, the students will be presented with a series of challenges from raising sail to navigation. This program is designed to not only instill a connection of empathy and understanding with our past but to encourage pride in hard work well done and inspire ambitions in personal education and growth.

The event is finished.

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  1. maggie Caspary

    Hello, I saw the article in the news press about you all and I’m Very interested in what you have to offer. I have a 7 year old and 4 year old. Are either of those ages appropriate for your events this month? Also, could you tell me more about multi day trips out to the islands? I would be interested in that as well.

    What a great thing to offer! I’ve dreamed of working on the educational/school boats in the Caribbean but that never worked out for me.


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